District Updates

Jul 13, 2020

Hello Residents!

The Board of Directors of Fort Bend County MUD No. 46 would like to offer some recent updates going on within our District. We hope these will allow everyone to stay up-to-date with our activities and understand how we are here to better serve you!

Belmont Shore Walking Trail

As many of you have seen or even begin to utilize, we have designed and completed an overlapping 1-mile walking trail around the detention pond within the Colony Lakes neighborhood. The trail allows our residents to enjoy fresh air while appreciating time for health and wellness. We have installed multiple benches and trash receptacles around the trail for your convenience as well as informative signage regarding the trail. We hope everyone is able to check out our new project and benefit from it.

New Fountains

We have authorized the installation of two new fountains within the Belmont Shore detention pond to add to the aesthetics of the new walking trail.

New Fencing

New fencing has been installed on the west side of the walking trail to prevent hogs and alligators from entering the trail and detention pond. The fence will add another layer of security to keep our residents safe while using the walking trail.

Pump Station

The design phase of the construction of a District pump station is well underway. A pump station allows the district to better manage the flow of water during heavy rain conditions and to prevent flooding within the District.

Mowing Services

We have recently hired Gruene Landscaping to maintain the fine mowing around the detention pond and surrounding areas. We look forward to working with Gruene Landscaping and their efforts to keep our walking trail looking beautiful.

MUD Property Taxes

The Board of Directors has taken measures to simplify the taxpaying process and to save MUD residents taxes. The Board of Directors voted to use the Fort Bend County Tax Assessor-Collector to collect MUD taxes, saving MUD residents money and consolidating your tax bill.

Effective April 1, 2020, Fort Bend County will assume delinquent tax collections for the District, and your MUD 46 taxes will be included on your tax bill from Fort Bend County for 2021.

You will not receive a separate bill from MUD 46. To obtain a copy of your bill, please contact the Fort Bend County Tax Assessor-Collector at 281-342-3411.